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Find Device Information.

All protocols. Centralized access. Fully Indexed.



Find your relevant device information with powerful full text search functions and filters.


Automated Data Transfer

Transfer your device description files from your website to the DI-Portal with just one click. Reliable, user-friendly and comfortable.



Utilize device information in your application through a powerful RESTful Web API.


Your hub for device descriptions

Ever searched for the right device description and found it immediately? Exactly. This task is time-consuming and costs a lot of nerves.
Now, these times are over. Whether you want to commission your field devices, plan your automation system or just want to make sure, that your customers get all the information they need, the Device Information Portal provides all the information you need. On top on that, most users can use this service completely free of charge.

When will you be one of our DI-Portal partners? Some of our partners are:


By means of device description files, field sensor data is turned into machine and application information. To achieve this, a technology- and Vendor-independent Device Information Portal is needed. When it comes down to it, Industry 4.0 will not be possible without it.

Hans-Jürgen Hilscher

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